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SEC Equine Studies Program
                Horse Course 101  -  *Equine Management (must complete HC-101)
                                    September                Wednesdays                                    
                                  * October                     Tuesdays         
                                     November                  Mondays        
                                  * December                  Tuesdays        
                                     January                     Fridays                                                                                           February                    Mondays                                                                                            March                       Mondays        
                                  * April                          Wednesdays    
Introduce your child to the wonderful world of horses in a fun and educational program. Complete with workbooks, study guides and hand on instruction. Each week over the course of the program we will follow a clearly outlined lesson program and on the fourth week we will review the previous weeks work to prepare for the final written, oral and riding exam. 

Some of the topics we will cover include:

                    Week 1                                         Week 2                                           Week 3
         Introduction to the Horse                   Tack and Equipment                              Horse Health
                   Breeds                                     Grooming Supplies                               Nutrition, Vitals
            Colors and Marking                             Saddle & Bridle                                Coggins, First Aid

               Mounted Lesson                             Mounted Lesson                                Mounted Lesson
                  Leading                                       Seat and Posture                                Communication                                   
Week 4: 
Review the previous weeks and prepare for the final written, oral and riding exam.

Class available to Girls and Boys Ages 7 – 14 years old
Class size is limited to 10 per semester (up to 3 instructors per class depending on activity)
Hours per semester 8 (4 classroom - 4 Hands On /Riding Hours)
Class Times 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM Tuition $ 200.00 per month per student